Saturday, May 1, 2010

Calling all Shoppers...


  1. You may not know me... But i am a friend of your sister-in-laws Kellie and Kacey. Then I moved to Florida... anyways... I love all your creations... thought you might like this idea...

    Here's a link to the site I got it off of...

    How to Make a Zipper Flower
    Step 1. Fold over zipper onto itself at an angle and stitch in place. See #1.
    Step 2. Begin wrapping zipper around center stitching in place as you go. See #2.
    Step 3. Continue wrapping zipper around center and start to twist and fold the zipper back onto itself to add interest to your flower. See #3.
    Step 4. Continue in this manner until you reach the desired flower size.
    Step 5. Sew on pin back. If using zippers add on each length by starting the beginning and end of each piece underneath the flower.
    Use jewelry pliers to push and pull needle and thread through the flower as it gets thicker.


  2. Hey Amy, you need to post pics of all your clips! Just gather 'em all up and snap away! I would love to buy more, but don't know what I want until the cuteness hits my eyesight!!